Young Voices campaigners from Zimbabwe on the road!

27 March 2014

Young Voices campaigners talking to a large group (hundreds) of schoolchildren - the children are sitting down outside. Young Voices campaigners from Zimbabwe went on a speaking tour of six secondary schools in February and March, reaching an amazing total of over 12,000 school children.

The campaigners gave motivational speeches about their own experience of disability, and the importance for education for children with disabilities. They also spoke about the barriers that prevent people with disabilities reaching their goals, such as discrimination and exclusion, and highlighted what can be achieved when these barriers are removed.

By speaking from their own experience and showing that people with disabilities can be inspirational role models, the campaigners transformed the way the schoolchildren and their teachers see disability. Teachers at one of the schools said that they felt challenged to hear that Young Voices campaigners were achieving a higher level of education than they had reached themselves by doing postgraduate studies. This helped them to appreciate the value of educating children with disabilities.

The campaigners have already raised awareness of disability with over 12,000 people. But the tours are having an even great impact, with many of those who attended going on to raise awareness of disability within their families and communities.

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