Young disabled people being 'let down' as they prepare for adult life, says Ofsted

9 April 2016

Young disabled people in England are being let down as they prepare for adult life, says a report by Ofsted.

Young man with celebral palsy having skills development trainingOfsted inspects and regulates services that care for children and young people. Access to training and developing skills for employment can be 'patchy and ineffective', according to the report. The government has promised to do more to help so-called 'high needs learners'.

The BBC's Marc Ashdown spoke to young disabled people about how access to training and skills development builds their confidence and provides opportunities to find work:

'I had no confidence and was really shy. And now I'm able to do things by myself, but with a little bit of help.' — young disabled person

Marc also spoke to Kathryn Rudd, the principal at National Star College:

'We're really concerned about the inconsistencies at the moment across the country.

'It's really vital that we focus on the young person, and we ensure that investment is targeted. It enables that person to reach their potential, and ultimately then we reduce costs long term for the public purse.' — Kathryn Rudd

The Department for Education welcomed Ofsted's report and says it will adopt one of the recommendations, to gather national data about where young learners end up.


Sadly my son is one these people, he's been let down since year 7in a special school, he is now year 11 due to leave this summer, his school has not helped us what so ever,
The gouverment really need to help these kids,
My son has as much rights to fulfill his adult life as much as anyone, but sadly due to lack of aappropriate support his social development is so very bad, he sits in his bedroom 24/7
I am constantly against a brick wall, fighting for the right support since he was 18 months old and still fighting for him today and hes 16 in July.....where is the justice for these children slipping through the net
It saddens me as a parent.

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