World poverty: time to stop talking about it and actually do something

11 September 2015

In her latest blog post for the Huffington Post, our chief executive, Clare Pelham, talks about the potential the sustainable development goals (SDGs) bring for disabled people — but only if combined with practical help and livelihood development.

‘I've lost count of the hours of endless meetings I've sat through — including, forgive me, many eminent international development gurus all with 30 minutes of opinions on the theory and doctrine of justice. And quite honestly I'm sick of it.

‘Don't get me wrong. I would do almost anything to make the world a better place for disabled people. But I'm sick of those meetings, because the end result is that nothing changes.

‘And that's why I'm interested in the sustainable development goals.


‘Sometimes the way people talk, you'd think that drafting the SDGs had solved world poverty or something. All they are today is words on a piece of paper. Nothing will change for disabled people unless someone shows leadership by pushing that door open and making a practical difference on the ground. Delivering some practical justice on the ground.’

Read the full article on the Huffington Post website.

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