Why Lisa loves the sensory room at Rosyth

27 October 2015

by Lisa

Lisa using the fibre optic lights in Rosyth activity and skills group sensory roomHello my name is Lisa and I attend Rosyth activity and skills group five days a week.

I enjoy spending time in the sensory room as it is nice and relaxing when all the therapy lights are on.

There is a lovely rocker chair and a bean bag I can relax in while all the images from the projector reflect onto the wall (there are different discs with different images on them so we can change them and have a bit of variety).

Some have animals on them and some have flowers.

Now that new equipment is available within the service I am able to get out of my wheelchair more frequently and spend time in the sensory room without feeling uncomfortable.

I really enjoy when all the therapy lights are on as this helps me feel relaxed.

I like to use the new fibre optic softy bundle. I find this very relaxing especially when there's a talking book on for me to listen to.

I use the aromatherapy board with therapy oils to help me with relaxation. The aromas can sometimes make me so relaxed that I just want to drift off to sleep, which is nice.

I love being able to get out of my chair to chill out.

I have a holistic massage on my legs, which helps with the tightness in my legs caused by water retention.

The sensory room gives me a great opportunity to relax while attending the day service and makes my time there so much better.

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