Why 15-minute homecare visits should be banned

5 June 2014

Laura LawCare worker Laura Law has written in the Guardian Social Care network about her experiences of 15-minute care visits:

‘This job gets harder all the time. I increasingly find I have to make really tough choices between providing the best quality care I can and giving people the time they need and getting to my next visit on. Sometimes I do as many as 15 short visits in a single 11 hour shift, with no more than five or ten minutes to travel between each.

‘Flying 15-minute visits are often crammed in between longer visits. This can make them seem less important than the longer visits but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Very often you are expected to do exactly the same things for one person in 15 minutes as you are for someone else in an hour. I often work in my own time, without additional pay, to get all the tasks done and give people the time they need. I know that many other care workers do the same. However, with so many visits to do in a day even that isn’t always possible.’

Laura features in a short film with Esther Rantzen highlighting the reality of 15-minute care visits:

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