What Budget 2016 means for disabled people: live

16 March 2016

We're collecting reactions from disabled people, disability charities and other key people and organisations.

These will update throughout the day. Refresh the page to see the latest responses.


Today the government's bedroom tax took great affect on my life ..150 already owed when told I owe it yet after moving to a disabled friendly home specific to our 3 member all disabled home after 4.5 yrs on priority 1 council list we gave been informed we have to move again from our supposed home for life ..less than 6 months after we moved freeing up a 4 bed home for the council...DIDN'T YOU KNOW ..BRITAIN HASN'T GOT A PARA OLYMPIC TEAM AS NO ONE IN THE UK IS SUPPOSEDLY DISABLED !!!!!

Very frightened of what will happen when my indefinite DLA award is reassessed for PIP. I know I qualify but that seems to mean nothing. If I lose my car I will be virtually housebound. I wish we could make this government understand what it's like to be disabled.

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