Wendy's story — the state of social care in Great Britain in 2016

24 November 2016

As part of our social care campaign, we've spoken to disabled people across the UK about their experiences with social care. This is Wendy's story.


by Wendy Tiffin

I suffer with two conditions: hydrocephalus and arachnoiditis, which is an inflammation of part of the spine.

There are several causes of it but mine is caused by two brain tumours and operations (mainly on my brain). After further health problems and countless operations, I was left with no feeling from my chest downwards.

I live in one of Leonard Cheshire Disability’s residential homes in Dorset, and I love it here. The staff are lovely and I get lots of support.

Unfortunately, ongoing cuts to care have meant that I am less able to leave the home and get out and about, leaving me feeling isolated from the outside world.

The only way I do manage to get out is with the support of a carer, which is privately funded by my family.

Wendy: Nothing should stop me being able to leave my home.The fear of social services moving me away from where I live and back to Somerset has stopped me from making a complaint or demanding more care.

I go out for two hours every fortnight, which is paid for by my family. If they didn’t do this, I would be completely cut off from the community.

My dream scenario for social care is that I would be able to go out either once a week or every fortnight with a paid member of Leonard Cheshire staff.

I’d like to go to the nearby towns of Poole or even Bournemouth without having my time there rationed.

In the summer, I’d love to be able to go down to the beach and be able to enjoy the lovely British weather, the fresh air and the sea breeze and also to mix with the local community.

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Cuts to care should not happen!

she should be, at least,able to go out once a week for as many hours as she can.Her family should not have to pay anything towards her care. She should be able to remain in the Leonard Cheshire Home, which she clearly loves, and she should not be sent back to Somerset.She can decide HERSELF where and how she lives. The central Government should be addressing all these issues, with more money for social care, and disabled living., without it costing any more for the disabled person.

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