Trustee's Vietnam to Cambodia training progress

2 June 2014

One of our trustees, Paul Baker, is taking on an amazing 12-day cycling challenge this October with his daughter, raising money for Leonard Cheshire Disability.

The challenge will take them from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, through the rice paddies and waterways of the beautiful Mekong Delta and into Cambodia.

Paul is keeping us updated with his progress leading up to the big challenge. Have a read of his first blog post from April.

June 2014 - five months to go

So I am a month in and have new wheels on my bike and new brakes, so that is all sorted — just need to do some riding.

First though I thought I should focus on my general fitness as being 58 this week my joints are not as good as they used to be! Welcome therefore my personal trainer James who has been putting me through my paces and I certainly feel better as a result — I have lost weight from 12 stone to 11.25 which I am quite surprised and pleased about.

Therefore, I have decided to keep that going and start some riding. With that in mind, this weekend I did a 43-mile ride. You might ask why 43 miles? Well simply put, it was 43 miles because I could not do any more! The hard bit is the saddle area and I could not sit down for quite a while — I think that will be my biggest problem as each day I will have to do about 50 — 70+ miles on tracks (not roads). Clearly, lots more work and toughening up to do and I am now going to move to daily shorter bursts of say 20 miles to build up my saddle resilience, then just do a bit more each time once I start feeling more comfortable.

On the sponsorship front that has gone well with just over £3,000 now raised and in the bank!

For now I will keep going and hope that when I update in a month I will have pushed on a bit further — cheers for now.

If you’d like to sponsor Paul please visit his online fundraising page. Alternatively you can text VIET66 and the amount (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10) to 70070.

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