Transport for London launches transport access publicity campaign

27 March 2014

Emma Lindsayby Emma Lindsay

Arrive at the bus stop, get on the bus, get off at your stop.

This journey might seem pretty simple to you. But for too many disabled Londoners, getting around our capital is really difficult.

We hear time and again from disabled people who don’t feel confident using public transport — who are worried about staff not being available to assist them when they arrive, or feel they don’t know where to find travel information.

In fact, we called on the Mayor of London to tackle exactly this issue in our report on his work during 2012–13.

That’s why we’re pretty pleased that Transport for London (TfL) has listened, and has launched a big publicity campaign about transport access.

Soon you’ll be spotting posters popping up around the transport network about things like boarding ramps, journey information and wide-aisle gates.

If you’re listening to London local radio you might also hear one of the new adverts about step-free access and audio visual information.

And Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson has made a film of her journey around London to help encourage disabled Londoners to get travelling.

We’re also happy to see that the London Overground is now ‘turn up and go’, which means that disabled people don’t need to book assistance in advance.

We hope this campaign is the start of an increased commitment from TfL to making sure disabled Londoners can get out and about.

Of course there’s much more we want TfL to do. Too much of the tube network is simply not accessible for disabled people. And we still hear that staff aren’t aware about how to support disabled people properly.

But this new campaign seems like a good start to us.

We want to hear what you think though. Do you think this campaign will help encourage more disabled Londoners to use the transport network? What else could TfL be doing to make London transport more accessible?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Emma Lindsay is national campaigns manager for Leonard Cheshire Disability.

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