TfL's 'Please offer me a seat' badge now permanently available

28 April 2017

Man wearing the new TfL badge on his jumperTransport for London (TfL) is now permanently offering a 'Please offer me a seat' badge for people who find it difficult to stand when using public transport.

The idea was proposed by a disabled Londoner last year. TfL held a six-week trial in the autumn, with 1,200 people testing the badge and accompanying card.

  • More than 72% of journeys were found to be easier as a result of the badge.
  • 98% of people taking part said they would recommend it to somebody who needed it.

TfL please offer me a seat badge and cardFollowing the successful trial period, the badge and accompanying card are now available from the TfL website or calling 0343 222 1234.

'The badge and card remove the awkwardness of customers having to explain their need for a seat to others.' — TfL spokesperson

There are no qualifying criteria: applicants do not need to provide a GP’s note or their medical history. The badge and card can be used across the TfL network, on London Underground, London Overground, Buses, Docklands Light Railway, TfL Rail, Trams and River Services.

You can apply for a ‘Please offer me a seat’ badge on the TFL website.


Many people I know have said no way would they wear a badge asking for a seat.
I wear mine on a scarf hidden till I get to bus stop then I simply turn scarf round to show badge. In summer I've been attaching the badge to my handbag strap near the bag end. Keeping badge tucked inside zip of bag, bringing it out when getting on a bus. The only problem is the frail pin on the badge, the badge can come undone and fall off, and get lost. I saw somewhere a clip badge is available how do I get one? This may solve problems I've encountered. Why don't local buses have the yellow box at exit on a bus? People always stand right up to doors, restricting flow of passengers getting off. I have to rummage to get to the handles to support me while I get off the bus. Plus they obscure the driver's view of me getting off + a few times, closing the doors on me. Worst time is schools going home time. They are not good at offering a seat. Parents constantly putting a little child on a seat and not on their lap.
Today I was told to take my empty shopping trolley to the back of 147! I said I'd never heard that before! I'm getting off next stop. I use a stick and liable to falls so need to be seated quickly + near exit too. Previous to that on busy bus 325 I travelled with a very full trolley. No problem!!

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