TfL aim to improve wheelchair access to priority spaces

11 August 2016

TfL have been working in collaboration with wheelchair users, buggy manufacturers, retailers and parenting groups to try and improve issues around accessibility on tubes and buses, particularly for wheelchair users trying to access priority spaces.

The aim is to help parents be better informed about the types of buggies available that can be more easily folded to make space, while making it easier for disabled people to use the priority space.

Mr Men ‘Buggy users, please make space for wheelchair users’ graphic

Best buggies to use to create space

TfL ran a vote to find which buggies are the best to use on public transport.

The public voted for their favourite from a shortlist of easy to fold, lightweight, manoeuvrable and affordable buggies.

The shortlist was compiled by leading parenting groups and organisations including Netmums, Mumderground and 4Children. The winners are highlighted on the TfL website.

Accessibility video for parents and wheelchair users

They've also created a video for parents with top tips for travelling with a buggy, including encouraging people to make space for wheelchair users.

There is an online hub for buggy users, offering tips, advice and outlining the rules around the priority space.


This is good news on buses, which I can just about use with a dodgy back due to fused vertebrae, so no space bothers here, apart from my pelvis operation to form a hip socket and infil with a joint meaning I am better sitting in the disabled area if I can; but I cannot use an escalator - if I slip I could dislocate my hip socket job (fastened to the pelvis with 4 screws!) and in any case I am terrified these days of using them. I await the underground having lifts everywhere it is possible. Presently I only use the bus or get a taxi. I imagine many people have similar problems using the underground, or buses.

Great in theory but, unfortunately, does not always work in practice

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