Sylvia and Lawrence

12 October 2016

We helped Sylvia Walker, a Bank Workers Charity (BWC) client from Wetherby, with difficulties she had caring for her husband Lawrence. Lawrence has Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, diabetes, and is losing his sight.

‘Things were getting more difficult as Lawrence’s conditions progressed, and I needed more help around the house, as well as some respite time for myself.

‘Leonard Cheshire suggested that we could get support from our local social services department, so I asked them for a care assessment.

‘Lawrence now goes to a day centre for two days a week, which makes things much easier on me. Social services also carried out a carers’ assessment for me, which led to a sitting service being provided once a week for Lawrence at home, so that I can go out myself.’ — Sylvia

With the BWC we helped Sylvia to improve her situation by supporting her to plan a break away with her sister, while Lawrence was able to find a respite placement that also accepted his much-loved dog Toby.

‘It’s so important for Lawrence to be able to take Toby with him on this placement — it’s really something that brings him joy and comfort.

‘We also received a grant from BWC that will give us the opportunity to go away together later this year, and we’re really looking forward to this.’

We discussed finances and future plans, and the couple are now planning to move into a supported living apartment, to allow them to stay independent.

‘The advice from Leonard Cheshire really helped us make decisions about how we wanted our lives to be. It’s great to know there’s help available even when you’ve left the bank; to point you in the right direction for support.’

If you work or have worked for a bank, find out how our partnership with BWC can help you or your family. Our service, funded by BWC, is tailored to your needs, and provides you with personalised information and advice or mentoring support.

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