Skydiving dreams come true for James and Barbara

27 April 2017

James skydiving with iFLY instructorsTwo people who use the services at Hydon Hill are feeling on top of the world after completing an indoor skydive!

James, who has multiple sclerosis, was hoping to take part in an outdoor skydive last year with staff and volunteers from Hydon Hill. However, he unfortunately was unable to.

Not one to give up, James's flying dreams come true last month at the iFly indoor skydiving centre in Basingstoke!

‘It was absolutely fabulous. I cannot wait to do it again!’ — James

A new challenge

James was joined Barbara, who has been visiting Hydon Hill since September last year, and was looking for a new challenge.

Barbara skydiving with iFLY instructors

‘The experience was mind-blowing! I never thought I would be able to do something like this, especially after losing my leg a year ago.’ — Barbara

James and Barbara outside the iFly buildingThe indoor skydive was such a great success Barbara has now got her sights on an outdoor skydive, and James is also looking to book up his next!

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