Sensory room at Alne Hall makes all the difference to Rachel

5 November 2015

by Rachel

Rachel in the sensory room at Alne HallHello! My name is Rachel and I live at Alne Hall, a Leonard Cheshire Disability care home near York.

I have cerebral palsy, which means I get muscle spasms, causing me pain. They happen more when I’m tense or upset.

Sensory room makes all the difference

The thing that’s made the biggest difference to my life is the amazing sensory room we’ve got here.

If I’m feeling upset, going into the sensory room helps me relax so I’m not in pain as often.

Rachel enjoying the sensory room at Alne HallThe room has lights and sounds which help me relax. The fibre optic cables are the best bit — they're fun to move around.

When I leave the sensory room I always feel happier and more relaxed.

For me the benefits of the sensory room have been enormous.

I’d love it if other people could benefit from amazing facilities like this too, but not all Leonard Cheshire Disability homes have them.

So that’s why I’m asking everyone to support Leonard Cheshire Disability and help ‘turn on the lights’ for disabled people like me this Christmas.

When you make your gift, you can include a Christmas message to go on our wall of baubles!


Good Luck Alne Hall..! :-) xx

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