Sam’s remarkable journey

22 January 2018

SamRather than living with his parents, Sam, 19, wanted to find his own way in life, have his own space and become more independent.

And from the day he arrived at Lavender Fields, in Hitchin, nearly 12 months ago, he’s been doing just that!

‘Coming here has changed my life! I feel a lot more grown up and independent.

‘I have more choice over what I want to do and I love having my own space.’

Sam also loves the fact that he’s free to meet up with his friends whenever he likes, use facilities at the home like the computer room or pop into town to go shopping with one of our carers or volunteers.

As independent as possible

At Lavender Fields, we encourage young adults like Sam to develop their day-to-day skills and be as independent as possible.

One of the main things that’s helping him achieve this is the special software he now has on his computer, bought thanks to donations. 

Sam uses his computer to do everyday tasks like shopping and keeping in touch with his friends, but the new software is also helping him to read and write – something he used to struggle with.

‘If I didn’t have this, there are loads of things I wouldn’t be able to do.’

Keeping pace

Instead, Sam is seizing life — and his new-found independence — with both hands. He loves hockey and is currently training to be an umpire!

He’s even had his electric wheelchair ‘sped up’ so he can keep pace with the fastest players.

‘Umpiring is when I feel most free and it’s what I want to do in the future. I’ll be just like any other hockey umpire.

There isn’t anything I can’t do, I’m just in a wheelchair.’

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