Reasons we run — Tom and Dan

13 April 2017

Short series featuring some of the amazing people running this year's London Marathon for our charity.

Tom Edge

Tom EdgeUniversity student Tom is taking on the London Marathon in honour of his loved ones.

‘My grandmother and her surrounding family lost my aunt when she was very young. She was severely disabled and therefore I am running in her honour.

‘I also have a friend who has cerebral palsy. He is on a journey to be able to fully walk again and his philosophy is that giving up is not an option. I am running for him too.

‘My uniqueness as a runner would have to be my determination, hardworking nature and endurance to complete anything in front of me. I am an adventurer and thrill seeker, so running is right up my street.’

Tom is hoping to complete the race in three and half hours. You can support him through his JustGiving page.

Dan Reed

Dan ReedDan is attempting his first marathon in support of his sister.

‘My younger sister has Down’s Syndrome, so I’ve grown up around disability.

‘My mum was an advocate for disabled people and over the years I met a lot the individuals she was working with.

‘Not only has this normalised disability for me, it’s made me appreciate the importance of fundraising for those who need it most.’

The marathon will also mark a milestone in Dan's fitness journey which has seen him lose seven and a half stone! 

‘I now weigh 16 and a half stone. I’ve still got one more stone to go, but I’m well on track to lose that and the marathon training helps.’

Dan's employer Barclaycard are matching any donations made up to the first £1,000!

You can support Dan via his JustGiving page

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