Reasons we run — Lesley

13 April 2017

Short series featuring some of the amazing people running this year's London Marathon for our charity.

Nicola Lesley Powis

Nicola — or Lesley as she is known on the BBC series Hospital — is taking part in the London Marathon in honour of the patients she has cared for over the years.

Nicola Lesley Powis

‘I work in a centre with an acute major trauma unit and frequently see patients whose life is altered considerably after accidents leave them with a disability.’

It was Lesley's visit to Gaza in 2015 to support people with rehabilitation which really inspired her.

‘It made me acutely aware of how important it is to recognise how different each person’s needs are. Our aim was to help people to regain a sense of normal, whilst being differently abled than they were before the conflict.

‘We worked to provide temporary wheelchairs to start getting people mobile, but we had to work within the reality of the environment there.

‘The people we helped could be in temporary accommodation, tented camp accommodation, or what remained of their own homes. We taught them and their carers basic care within the confines of what was available.’

You can support Lesley through her JustGiving page.

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