Reasons we run — Claire and Mike

6 April 2016

Fourth in a short series featuring some of the amazing people running this year's London Marathon for our charity.

Claire Marr

Claire and her running partner GillianClaire is a primary school teacher and is taking on her second marathon. She'll be supported by her running partner Gillian.

‘I can't begin to imagine the struggles those with disabilities have to cope with on a daily basis.

‘I'd like the money to be spent on something that provides greater access to comfort and enjoyment.

‘I live with severe pelvic pain as a result of having my three children and exist on Ibuprofen and determination to get through the longer runs.’ — Claire

Claire can be sponsored via her JustGiving page.

Mike Sheldrick

Mike Sheldrick in a Leonard Cheshire Disability vestMike is running the London Marathon to further support care for his aunt, who has severe arthritis and a few associated conditions.

‘Bronwen is barely mobile and needs round-the-clock care, so she had no choice but to move to a care home that could give her the support she needs.

‘After witnessing the severity of her condition, it’s clear to me how important facilities like Gloucestershire House are in improving the day to day lives of disabled people.

‘She is unable to travel long distances due to her health, so small trips out really make a difference.

‘Information and access to the kind of support provided by the likes of Leonard Cheshire is not always readily available. 

‘To improve awareness of the facilities and the great work Leonard Cheshire does can only be a good thing.’ — Mike

Mike is looking to raise £1,800 and sponsors can support him through his JustGiving page.

Everyone who donates can then nominate a song to go on Mike’s race-day playlist. No matter what the song is, if you choose it, it'll get played.

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