Raja's story

22 January 2018

Raja fixing a bikeRaja lives in Tamil Nadu, south India, and was just a baby when he lost both legs through illness. 

Raja wasn’t able to go to secondary school and left school with no qualifications and little chance of earning a living. 

Raja was determined not to give up and decided to learn a new skill at a nearby bicycle shop that could give him a more secure future. He started off cleaning the bikes and being paid very little. He was keen to do and know more so he learnt how to repair bicycles in order to set up his own business. 

Doubled his income

Our project team helped Raja secure a loan and provided an adapted tricyle so he could get around more easily. Then we provided training in small business development. As a result, Raja’s cycle repair business has flourished and he’s doubled his income. 

He now wants to open a second shop and is keen to give other people with disabilities the chance of employment! 

‘There was no one to take care of me, but now I am taking care of all the family members.

‘If I was not supported by Leonard Cheshire Disability, all my money and my efforts would have gone towards repaying my debt instead of growing my business.’

— Raja

Thanks to your donations

All around the world, people with disabilities are gaining the skills and confidence they need to find a job or achieve their dream of starting a business, thanks to your donations. 

Watch this video about our work helping disabled people like Raja into employment.


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