Seven things the UK governments could announce to fix social care

22 November 2016

We believe a national conversation about the future of health and social care is vital.

That’s why we've come up with seven things the UK governments could announce to help to fix social care in Great Britain. 

  1. Set up a cross-party commission on the future of health and social care in England..
  2. Bring forward additional investment in the Better Care Fund currently planned for the end of the parliament to 2017/2018.
  3. Fair and sustainable long-term funding settlements to be established for social care across all four UK nations which take account of rising demand for social care and the increasing complexity of people’s care needs.
  4. End councils commissioning 15-minute homecare visits for personal care, reflecting updated legislation and guidance in England and Wales.
  5. Introduce an independent social care appeals system in England as provided for in the Care Act 2014. 
  6. The Scottish and Welsh governments to monitor and take relevant action to improve public awareness of people’s legal rights to challenge decisions about their care that are unfair or incorrect, and review the appropriateness of existing mechanisms for this by 2020.
  7. The National Assembly for Wales’ Health, Social Care and Sport Committee to commit to conducting a post-legislative review of the implementation of the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014. 

Find out about the state of social care in your area and join our campaign now!

Read our social care case studies and see the effects the current system is having on people's lives.

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