Our disability employment gap briefing

26 May 2016

Later today in the House of Commons, MPs will be holding a debate on work and the economy.

This is an excellent chance for the government to be pushed on its plans to halve the disability employment gap by 2020.

The disability employment gap

For many years there has been a significant gap between the employment rate of disabled people and that of the rest of the population.

If the same proportion of disabled people were in work as non-disabled people at the time of the last election, there would have been an extra 2.3 million disabled people in employment.

We warmly welcome the government’s ambitious commitment to halve this disability employment gap by 2020.

While an extra 120,000 disabled people are now in work compared to a year ago, more needs to be done to ensure this target is met.

The briefing we've sent to MPs

Ahead of the debate we've sent a briefing out to MPs detailing actions we think the government could take to progress towards their pledge.

Our briefing covers a range of areas in this respect, including:

  • careers advice and apprenticeships 
  • back-to-work support
  • support for employers
  • government as an employer
  • Employment and Support Allowance

We hope this briefing will help to bring the issue to the forefront of the debate, as the government works to meet its ambitious pledge by 2020.

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