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31 January 2014

Guy Parckarby Guy Parckar

It’s not every day that you come to work and find that history has been made. But that is what happened today.

We’ve been campaigning for months to make sure that the Care Bill really makes life better for disabled people.

To us, that means: 

  • Putting an end to flying 15-minute visits.
  • Making sure that the care people receive supports them to work.
  • Giving people have a right to appeal if they feel they haven’t got the care they need.

Well, today we had the brilliant news that the government has decided to make a change to the Care Bill that could bring in an appeals system!

This change to the Care Bill will give the government the power to create a whole new process for care appeals. It should mean that everyone will be able to ask an independent group of people to check whether their local council has made the right decision about their care. It’s only fair in our eyes that people can challenge their council if they feel they’re not getting enough care or the right kind of care.

Potentially, it’s a really historic change. It’s ridiculous that you can can appeal whether your child gets into a certain school but there is almost nothing you can do if your council decides not to give you help to get washed or dressed.

We’re absolutely delighted that this change is being made, although there is still a huge amount of work to do. The amendment only gives the government the power to set up this new system – it doesn’t give any details as to exactly what the system will look like.

We want people to be able to appeal to an independent body, like a tribunal. This kind of system would make sure there are fair and consistent decisions across the whole of England. So we will still need to campaign for a system that really works well for older and disabled people.

But for the moment we’re just delighted that the government has listened and made this important change.

You can find out more about our campaigning, and help us to achieve even more by joining our campaigns network.

You can read the amendment that the government have proposed (it’s right at the end, called NC28!), and also our response.

Guy Parckar is head of policy and campaigns at Leonard Cheshire Disability. He tweets at @GuyParckar.

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