New inclusive education project launches in Zambia

9 October 2014

We are delighted to be launching a new three-year inclusive education project in Zambia, funded by Comic Relief.

The project will support 1,200 children with disabilities to enrol and stay in school — children like Friday, who was born with a physical disability that has left him unable to walk.

Friday smilingFriday used to have to rely on his grandmother to carry him everywhere. This left him sad and frustrated as he would sometimes have to miss school. We supplied him with a wheelchair, built classroom ramps and provided him with specialist physiotherapy to help strengthen his body. He is now very happy at school – he says that maths is his favourite lesson! To read more about Friday visit the Comic Relief website

Nearly 50% of children with disabilities in Zambia have never been to school. Many families and communities do not see the value of educating them; families that do want to send their disabled children to school face a range of barriers including inaccessible schools and a lack of trained teachers. Our project will address this by working with 60 primary schools to make them more accessible, providing training on inclusive education for teachers and raising awareness of disability among communities and families.

Read more about the project.


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