Mass and Michael's fascinating story

7 January 2014

Mass Mullen is one of our amazing supporters and is taking part in the London Marathon for us this year to honour her great friend Michael.

Michael’s story

‘I have always been an athlete. At age 15 while playing basketball at school I suffered an apparent sports injury. Later the condition became worse and I began to lose feeling in my legs. I was diagnosed with an aneurysmal bone cyst. Surgery was done however I could never walk again.

‘With support I was still able to continue my life and excel in my love for sports. I went to college, earned a degree, found wheelchair sports and it changed my life. I have since represented my country in international wheelchair tennis, ranking third in the USA and 16th in the world. I have now retired and put my efforts into giving back.

‘I now coach various sports and help run an adaptive sports camp in Connecticut. I continue to do wheelchair tennis demonstrations and clinics to raise awareness for those who wish to play. I strive to be a positive role model to all people with disabilities and continue my efforts in bringing the joy of sports to those who wish to participate.’

Mass’s story

‘I met Michael when we were 15 at the International School in Shiraz, Iran. He was my first high school sweetheart. Then he got injured and had to leave for the US for subsequent surgery and rehabilitation. So we lost touch. I moved to the US when I was 18 and over the years would think of him. Michael and I reconnected through Facebook in July 2013.

‘When we met each other after 35 years it was definitely very surreal and very emotional. He told me his story and what his life has been all about. I was and am so inspired by Michael that I decided to reach out to Leonard Cheshire Disability.

‘I am running the London Marathon with and for Leonard Cheshire to honour Michael and to acknowledge that one's disability does not need to be the end all. We are not defined by our abilities or disabilities but rather by our compassion for humanity, our accomplishments and overcoming adversities.’

If you would like to support and sponsor Mass and Michael, please visit their Just Giving online fundraising page.

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