Marvin’s still making miracles happen

22 January 2018

Marvin working on his musicLast Christmas, we shared Marvin’s story with you — a remarkable young man who has been determined to overcome his disability and has celebrated some truly miraculous achievements during his journey. 

From sitting up for the very first time, to taking his first steps on a walking machine and finally making the music he loves, Marvin has continued to follow his dreams with the help of the Leonard Cheshire Disability team at Randall Close.

Making music

Marvin has always loved rap music and finds it a great outlet for his emotions. And last year, the team at Randall Close arranged for him to work with music specialist, Dav at Drake Music. Together they produced a rap remix using lyrics Marvin had written. 


As well as taking up sailing, Marvin’s still doing lots of walking in the gym at Randall Close too — usually twice a week. And he’s now broken his record for the number of laps he can do — from 30 up to 32! 

We can’t wait to see what Marvin has planned for this coming year!

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