Maidstone Resource Centre needs a new home

9 February 2015

We're calling for help to save a lifeline day centre that has supported vulnerable people for 22 years.

People who use Maidstone Resource Centre outside the current buildingMaidstone Resource Centre provides a range of activities and support to 42 disabled people who use it regularly to get out of the house and meet people.

The agreement for the current premises, the Churchill Centre, ends on 25 March following a 10-year partnership. Kent Community Health NHS Trust, which leases the Churchill Centre, can no longer offer us a subsidised rental rate due to the building owner increasing the rent.

Devastating impact

Pia Rathje-Burton is the service manager at the centre. She's looking for an accessible venue — with a wheelchair-friendly toilet and some storage — that can accommodate 25 people.

‘If a new accessible venue can’t be found for Maidstone Resource Centre it will struggle to survive. This could have a devastating impact on the disabled people who use it.’

‘The day centre is a very important part of the community and it would be a terrible loss if we closed it. This is our last resort to keep it open. Please get in touch if you can help.’ — Pia, service manager

A new lease of life

Angela Sibun has arthritis and suffered a stroke. The 56-year-old has only been using the Maidstone Resource Centre for five weeks but it has already given her a new lease of life.

‘Over the last five weeks I have found Angela again — not just the ill person that I was before. If the centre closes, I would be back to staying in on my own, feeling depressed and cut off from life. Please help us to keep our family together.’ — Angela

Roy Pratt, 67, has been attending Maidstone Resource Centre for around 10 years.

‘Going to the centre is an important part of the week for me and I look forward to it. If it closes, I will be left housebound and lonely.’— Roy

If anyone has a space that fits the criteria (see below), please contact Pia on 01732 459510 or email

Criteria for the new space

Please note this is ideal list of criteria, but we can be flexible:

  • Rent the space for up to three days a week from 10am to 3pm (we can be flexible on the number of days and which days of the week).
  • Storage space — we are an activity centre so have some resources to enable us to be able to run the classes. These will be packed away at the end of the day. One option could be a storage facility in the car park.
  • A wheelchair accessible toilet.
  • A separate office space — although this is not essential.
  • Vehicle drop-off area for disabled people who attend the service.
  • Car parking for five cars.
  • Space in the building for up to 20 disabled people, some of whom are wheelchair users, along with five staff.

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