Lynne's story — the state of social care in Great Britain

4 November 2016

As part of our social care campaign, we've spoken to disabled people across the UK about their experiences with social care. This is Lynne's story.


by Lynne Noble

I am what is quaintly referred to as a mature student — an achievement I aspired to despite the multiple obstacles which have dogged my life.

I was born with cerebral palsy but along the way I have also been diagnosed with MS and asthma. Most days are exhausting.

I had always been incredibly independent, and was reluctant to give this up in any shape or form.

But it had got to the point where my husband was caring for me nearly 24/7, and I realised it would be selfish not to ask for help. This would be a necessity if I was to have the time to complete my MSc.

Wasted time and money

I do not receive the care package I need to live my life to the fullest. A great deal of time and money has been wasted on sorting out my social care package.

It would have been better spent helping to improve my quality of life.

The amounts I have been allocated in care support have varied widely. While trying to sort out the errors, I am stuck without social care and am often unable to choose when I can leave my house.

Lynne: I want to be finishing my master's, not chasing social services

I want to get on with completing my MSc and also want to pursue a PhD in the future.

But my ability to study is being hindered because my time is being taken up with chasing social workers.

With the right social care I could achieve my academic potential and make a positive contribution to my community, like I have done in the past.

To date, I still haven’t received the care package I need to and continue to fight for what I deserve, despite my ill health.

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