Lights, camera, Can Do!

3 August 2016

By Virginia Field-Bennett

Can Doers have had an exciting summer so far!

Between making and starring in an awareness—building music video, knitting for dementia patients and helping local homeless people, they’re really making a difference in their communities.

Southend singers

Southend—on—Sea Can Doers worked really hard on their ‘A Million Strong’ music video.

With the guidance of a local choir teacher, musician and a poet, learned to sing together and recorded a CD in a professional studio!

The video turned out great and was edited and produced by our own Can Do filming crew.

Crafty in EdinburghAshley sewing buttons on a twiddlemuff for Alzheimer Scotland patients

Can Doers in Edinburgh learned to knit and sew some lovely twiddlemuffs to donate to members of Alzheimer Scotland's Bungalow day centre.

In case you aren't aware, a twiddle muff is a glove with fun buttons and bits to play with for people who have dementia. It keeps their hands warm too!

Cardiff care packages

Can Doers delivering care packs to homeless people in Cardiff.

Can Doers from Ebbw Vale College decided to use the money they had raised at a recent charity football match to put together care packages for local homeless people.

After putting them together they walked around Cardiff city handing them out and listened to peoples stories and struggles.

Virginia is the social media assistant at Leonard Cheshire Disability

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