Lib Dems sign up to disabled-friendly homes

7 October 2014

Jane Harrisby Jane Harris

Two months ago, we told the world about Sue, who has to wash every day at her kitchen sink because there aren’t enough disabled-friendly homes. It’s a pretty devastating situation.

But today we have good news. The Lib Dems have voted that all new homes should be disabled-friendly.

This is a big step forward. Action by one party will send a signal to all politicians that they need to think about building more disabled-friendly homes.

We’ve been at all three party conferences talking to politicians and also to the housing industry. And Sue has come with us to tell her story and make politicians listen.

Sue told us:

‘I was really surprised by how few people knew about the lack of disabled-friendly homes. But I think a lot of people started to understand once I told them about having to wash at my kitchen sink for years. 

‘I've talked to a minister, my local parliamentary candidate and a Welsh Assembly member as well as many party members. I've stopped people in corridors and talked one to one as well as at a home truths event organised by Leonard Cheshire. 

‘Already I can see this is making a difference.’

Please help us to get all political parties agree to build more disabled-friendly homes. Sign Sue's petition now — or share it on Facebook or Twitter with your friends. Any one of us could need a disabled-friendly home in the future — we must act now to make sure they are there. 

If you want to read the LibDem policy paper, the relevant section is 3.0.1. It says that all new build homes should be built to be easily adaptable (known as ‘Lifetime Homes’). We will be pushing them to go even further, to make a proportion of large new developments fully wheelchair accessible as well. 

Jane Harris is managing director of campaigns and engagement at Leonard Cheshire Disability. She tweets at @jane_harris77.


Thank-you so much for the chance to give Disabled People A Voice. I am Proud to be able to help Make A difference. From Sue Frier

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