Letter in The Times: Championing disabled people who need care

12 July 2014

This letter from Clare Pelham, chief executive of Leonard Cheshire Disability, appeared in The Times on Saturday 12 July 2014.

Sir, Alice Thomson says we need a champion for disabled people who need care (This isn’t caring for the fragile. It’s neglect. 9 July).
Yes we do. And it’s important they recognise that disabled people are as different from each other as readers of this newspaper.

I may choose to live in a flat in town, you may choose to live in a seaside bungalow. Some disabled people may choose to live in a care home.
At Leonard Cheshire we recognise that where you choose to live is a personal decision for you and your family. Many care homes are outstandingly positive places.
What’s important is that wherever you live, you receive good care that enables you to lead a full life. And however poor we are as a country, I’m sure that’s where most people want their taxes spent.

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