Leonard Cheshire on film

17 April 2014

by Will Howells

Will HowellsI'm always interested to watch film footage of how the world used to be, so I'm excited to see that British Pathé — the company that produced all those wartime news reels with plummy narration and upbeat trumpets — has released more than 80,000 videos onto YouTube.

The films include a wide range of subjects, including our patron's coronation as Queen, a documentary about the first man in space, footage from 1930s Berlin and coverage of the 1968 Summer Olympics. Searching through the films, I've found several that feature our founder, Group Captain Leonard Cheshire — later Lord Cheshire.

He was caught on camera at a celebration to mark the 50th anniversary of the RAF and at an event for the 25th anniversary of the Dambusters, who were commanded by Cheshire for part of World War II.

Leonard Cheshire appears with his wife Sue Ryder in this moving video about a pilgrimage to Dachau concentration camp, which was organised by the Ryder-Cheshire Foundation.

For us, though, the film we're most happy to see is this one from 1955. It's a short news clip of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, visiting Le Court, the very first care home set up by Leonard Cheshire. Today, nearly 60 years on, we run more than 100.

You can find out more about the history of our charity at the Leonard Cheshire Disability archive.

Will Howells is Leonard Cheshire Disability's digital media manager.

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