Julie's story — the state of social care in Great Britain in 2016

8 December 2016

As part of our social care campaign, we've spoken to disabled people across the UK about their experiences with social care. This is Julie's story.


by Julie Sharp

My name is Julie and I have Triple X syndrome. I was born with this condition although it was not actually diagnosed until I was 16. I am 30 now.

There is not much social care available for people with this condition because not a lot is known about it. As with all syndromes, each person can be at a different place on the spectrum.

I seem to be mostly affected by neurological issues and weak muscles, affecting my balance and coordination. It also affects how I understand the world around me.

Julie: I need to know emergency care will be there when I need it.I often feel very isolated because I have a very different understanding of the world compared to the other people I meet, and people often confuse me by not saying what they mean. You see, I am a very literal person.

Social care allows me to overcome barriers to assist me to achieve independence without parents having to look after me as they did when I was a child. 

The emergency care provided by the local council has been cut due to funding cuts. I can’t access care when I need it the most.

Once, I was left for two weeks without sufficient care, and my health suffered as a result.

Until these cuts occurred, I was happy with the care I was getting, which was helping me to remain independent.

With good quality emergency care, I could live the life I’d like, without having to worry about being stuck without help.

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We are in the exact same position Julie, you are not alone sweetheart. 1 carer here off long term sick since the beginning of the year and now the other carer has gone long term sick same since the beginning of autumn. I am being beaten with sticks for things I can no longer do by the powers that be as am unable to cope, it has even destroyed the patient GP relationship this last week too. We need real change and soon.

The things I am seeing week in and week out about the lack of social care for people with disabilities or just being elderly are a disgrace society is supposed to care for those who need care cost should never come into it councils should cut managers who earn £250000 then there would be the funds to assist those in need however councils seem to care about the management within council rather than those in real need what kind of society have we got if those in need can not access the care they need

It is the duty of a so called civilised Society to look after our sick and disabled.

I am really sad to hear about Julies' case with regards to care support especially emergency care. Unfortunately this is not isolated which I find disgusting and barbaric. As I understand it, this country has a duty of care to the people of this country under the safeguarding regulation. If care and support is not been met, the local authority should be intervening and questioning why the care and support is not been provided. If the care and support is not been provided as needed, the next step is prosecution for the neglect of providing care in this case. No person that needs assistance should go without and the local authority needs to be brought to task, not just left to get away with not providing a service when there is a need for it. Information gleaned from care factsheet 2014.


The social services are needed too much money help for people who have severe disability. People in Derby especially my mother who is blind and wants to go home away from Nursing Home. All my relatives are very deeply concerned, and it is very heartbreaking and we are very worried.

Well written and informative blog Julie. I hope those who make decisions read this and are committed to making changes. The services that you need to enhance your life are only a drop in the ocean compared to the money which is spent on often projects which have little or not benefit eg Kirklees bus gates. Anyway, it was a pleasure to meet you a few weeks ago - hope to meet you again in the future.

Emergency care is needed!

Signed this petition without hesitation . Julie and all the other ' julies ' across the UK deserve better AND peace of mind to know she is safe and card for IF needed . SO many people don't want to be a bother or are afraid to ask for help because of the massive cuts .

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