Hidden disabilities at music gigs

28 June 2016

Attending a music gig should be something you look forward to, but what if you knew you were going to be discriminated against at the gig?

Unfortunately this recently happened to Sam Cleasby at a Stone Roses gig in Manchester, as she explained in a column in The Metro

Sam has a hidden disability. She has an ostomy bag, which sometimes means she needs to use the disabled toilets.


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However, the staff at the gig refused her access on the gounds she doesn't use a wheelchair.

Luckily for Sam another member of staff eventually let her use the disabled toilets and she was able to enjoy the rest of her night.


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But now she is calling on all staff at larger venues and events to be disability and accessibility trained to prevent others facing the same issues in future.

‘Disability doesn’t just mean being in a wheelchair and denying someone use of a toilet may give you a power trip but is soul-destroying for those just trying to live a normal life.

‘Just a little understanding can go a very long way.’ — Sam Cleasby


I agree with Sam .wish her all the best at her next gig. You go girl.

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