Help Fryers House residents eat together and stay together

27 February 2014

We urgently need to build a larger dining room at Fryers House in Romsey, which is home to 14 disabled residents.

The current dining room can only fit six of the residents' large wheelchairs. With medical equipment and support staff, there isn't room for everyone to socialise or eat together with family and friends. Modern wheelchairs can be up to 2.5 metres in length.

If lined up end-to-end, the 14 residents' wheelchairs would stretch the length of one-and-a-half train carriages.

Diagram showing length of 14 wheelchairs is roughly the same as one and a half train carriages

Suze, who lives at Fryers House, told us:

‘The wheelchairs take up so much space that, if you came to lunch, you'd have to stand up and eat in the corridor. If one of us wants to leave, the rest of us have to shuffle around to clear the way.

‘When families or friends come for lunch or tea, it means some of the other people may have to stay in their rooms. This is terrible because enjoying conversation and companionship is hugely important in everyone's lives.

‘It was difficult for me when I suddenly became disabled [following a motor accident]. But thankfully in Fryers House I've found a place where I feel I'm truly at home.

‘We'd like the new dining room to be the beating heart of our home.’

Disability can affect any one of us, our families or loved ones at any time. Staff and volunteers at Fryers House are here to do as much as they can to help people rebuild their lives when disability does happen. We need your help to raise funds for us so Suze and the other residents can eat together with their families and friends.

Please give a donation today to help Fryers House residents eat together and stay together.


i think we all should have enough space for us and our friends! especially when we aren´t independent and not at the home we wouldn't have chosen without disability. hope you´ll get your new dining room very soon!

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