Government commits to reporting on disability employment gap progress

11 February 2016

We have been calling for the government to commit to reporting on progress towards their target to halve the disability employment gap by 2020. Last week they agreed to our calls.

The minister responsible for this issue said:

‘I hereby formally commit the government to report on our progress towards halving the disability employment gap in the annual report on full employment — no ifs, no buts.’ — Lord Freud

This is great news!

Why are we talking about this now?

When the Welfare Reform and Work Bill was first announced last July, we thought this would be a great opportunity to push the government to again state their commitment to halving the disability employment gap.

Since then we’ve been speaking to MPs and peers to get them to persuade ministers to publish statistics on disability employment, so we can clearly see how much progress they are making.

These statistics will really step up the pressure — the government will have to take more action if they haven’t seen an increase in disabled people in work.

This is only the start of our campaign on this issue. We have a long way to go.

Our policy team is currently speaking to disabled people, other charities and politicians about what practical steps need to be taken next. And we’ll make sure we keep you updated on our work!

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