A gift of hope

11 September 2017

When our supporter David died, he left a legacy of hope for Laura.

Laura washing up in her new homeA gift David left in his will was used by one of our care homes to buy an exercise bike Laura could use, which started her on the journey to independence — and now into a flat of her own.

'I love having my own home and my own space — it’s really important to me.' — Laura

How can you help?

Consider leaving a gift in your will to help create a better world.

Imagine the impact a gift in your will could have on a disabled person, helping them to live an independent and full life.

Your gift could pay for a number of things. For example: 

  • physio equipment to help someone to walk again
  • an adapted computer for someone with communication difficulties to talk to family and friends
  • enable a child in Asia or Africa to go to school for the first time

Laura hanging out the washing in her new homeWhat kind of a world would you like to pass on to future generations of disabled people?

Request a free booklet for more information.

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