General election: ‘What will the next government do for disabled people?’

25 May 2017

By Victoria Hemmingway

With less than two weeks to go until the general election, political parties are publishing (and in some cases already changing) their manifestos.

Elected politicians make many decisions which will affect the lives of disabled people, so it is important to ask: what will the next government do for disabled people?

We've picked out some of the key policies from each major party manifesto.


  • increase the social care budget by £8 billion and move quickly towards a joined up service between health and social care
  • set targets to increase apprenticeships for disabled people
  • increase employment support allowance (ESA) by £30 a week for those in the Work Related Activity Group

Read Labour's full manifesto.

Liberal Democrats

  • create a dedicated health and social care tax
  • carry out a cross-party review on the long term sustainability of health and care
  • raise awareness and expand Access to Work
  • reverse cuts to work allowances in Universal Credit

Read Liberal Democrats' full manifesto.


  • individuals will have to pay for their own care at home if they have over £100,000 (this includes the value of their home)
  • get one million more disabled people into employment over the next 10 years
  • give employers advice on how to recruit and support disabled people at work

Since publishing the manifesto, Theresa May has also indicated that a Conservative government would consult on setting a cap on the total amount an individual will have to pay for their social care.

Read Conservative's full manifesto.

Other manifestos




Plaid Cymru

What you can do

Whoever wins a majority on 8 June, we’ll be keeping a close watch to make sure their actions are in the best interests of disabled people.

We're calling on all candidates to sign our pledge to take action on the disability employment gap and ensure disabled people receive appropriate social care.

Ask your local candidates to sign our pledge.

Victoria Hemmingway is the public affairs officer at Leonard Cheshire Disability


I see the Tories are talking out of their arses again.

More disabled people into work? As much as I support that, it won't happen, the government doesn't enforce anti discrimination laws and probably never will.

I think you really should have also highlighted that Labour will get rid of the face to face assessments and use the social model with regards to disability. The social model works from the point of view that it is society that disables a person, not the actual disability itself. This is indeed a major breakthrough for the disabled community and will mean major changes on a social level that will help enable us all.

Hi the Green Party disability manifesto is at
and details on its launch yesterday are and Ben Fletcher (Deaf.blind candidate for the Green Party) is on twitter as Ben J Fletcher‏ @bjfletcher . Please include us. I am the GP candidate for Ilford South

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