General election: ‘What can I ask candidates?’

14 May 2017

By Rezina Hakim

The question we need to ask all political parties ahead of the general election is: ‘What are you going to do for disabled people?’

The general election campaign is now on, and election candidates will be knocking on your door in the coming weeks to talk about their policies.

What can I ask candidates?

Take the opportunity to tell them you support Leonard Cheshire Disability, ask them these important questions:

  • Remind them of the ongoing social care crisis and ask, 'What are your plans to improve it?'
  • How do you intend to support disabled people who want to find employment?
  • How will disabled people who are not able to work be supported?
  • What do you plan on doing to improve disability rights?

By having these important conversations, you can help spread the message!

Next steps

The next government must deliver a fair and sustainable funding solution for social care and disability rights. Your vote really counts, so take this opportunity and make your voice heard!

Don’t forget, you have until Monday 22 May to register to vote.

Rezina Hakim is the campaigns manager at Leonard Cheshire Disability


I would love the opportunity to ask my MP and local candidates these questions. Unfortunately we live in a safe Conservative seat and we rarely even get literature from the other parties let alone see them on our doorstep! So as a solution I've searched the web for our local candidates and have emailed Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem candidates the questions you've asked- let's hope I get an actual response.

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