General election affects local issues

5 May 2015

The general election is a chance to make your voice heard by contacting your local candidates about the issues you care about.

That’s why we've been encouraging our supporters to email their candidates to ask them to support our call for more disabled friendly homes.

But you can also raise local issues too.

Maria from Timsbury Road Safety Group at the council chambersIn Timsbury, Somerset, campaigners have been challenging their election candidates to support their campaign to get local roads gritted.

The campaign is being run by the Timsbury Road Safety Group based at Greenhill House in Bath. They want the local council to make sure roads nearby are properly gritted in the winter.

‘We want all the local candidates in our area to support our campaign so that we can persuade the council to take action.’ — Maria from Timsbury Road Safety Group

At the moment, when the weather turns cold the council doesn’t grit a very short stretch of road near where they live, making access incredibly difficult.

It means the residents often can't leave the home — and their family and friends have trouble visiting them.

The group have collected 600 petition signatures in support of the campaign, and are now calling on the people who want to be their next MP to support them.

For more information on the gritting campaign in Timsbury, please contact Sheila Clarke at

Make sure your voice is heard on 7 May. Find out about voting in the general election.

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