Freedom for Marian

27 January 2017

Marian at schoolMarian is seven and lives in Kisumu, Kenya. She has albinism – so her skin is fair, and can burn easily and become infected. It also means her vision is impaired.

For a time, Marian’s albinism put her in serious danger. In her community, there’s a superstition people with albinism have special healing powers.

Sadly, some are kidnapped. Marian’s family were fearful of what might happen to her and wouldn’t let her leave the house, not even for school.

We helped the community understand that albinism is skin-deep, and that people with albinism are the same as everyone else. We also gave her sunscreen so she can walk to school and play outside, and arranged for her to receive a pair of glasses.

‘Now the children know that Marian is just like any other.’ — Marian's teacher

Marian featured in our video on our work in Kenya.

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