The fight continues to end flying social care visits

30 August 2017

Sophie LockBy Sophie Lock

The care minister has responded to our petition to end 15-minute homecare visits — but questions remain.

You might remember our shocking finding last year — that one in five councils provided rushed 15-minute personal care visits for disabled adults. This is despite official guidance saying visits of this kind are inappropriate and shouldn’t be used. 

Alarm clock with ‘End 15-minute care’Homecare visits enable disabled adults to live independently whilst receiving support with essential tasks like showering and making food. These visits mean people are able to make their own decisions and live the lives they choose.

But when visits are rushed, many disabled people are forced to decide between having a hot drink or using the toilet. How can anyone be expected to choose between these essentials? That doesn’t sit right with us.

We need social care which supports people properly. So in response to our findings, we launched a petition calling on the care minister to end 15-minute homecare visits once and for all.

Campaigners handing in petition to parliament

Over 10,000 of you signed our petition, and last month we handed it in to the Department of Health. We had a brilliant day, and a number of our campaigners joined us. It is vital we show the government how important social care is to so many people.

We’ve now received a response to our petition from the care minister, Jackie Doyle-Price MP.

Instead of responding to our concerns, the government places the blame elsewhere in the social care system. This is not good enough for us.

We’re really disappointed with this response and we’ve written to Ms Doyle-Price MP requesting a meeting.

We will let you know the outcome as soon as we have heard back.

Flying 15-minute homecare visits are undignified and unfair. 

‘Social care should be about helping people like me live our lives. It shouldn’t be about rushed visits which don’t even allow enough time for the very basics.’

— Wendy, one of our campaigners​

The government must find a lasting solution to the social care funding crisis — one where disabled people are afforded the same level of dignity and choice as non-disabled people.

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition — the fight continues to end 15-minute flying visits.

Sophie is a campaigns officer for Leonard Cheshire Disability.


My wife and I have had to stand in to help a couple of elderly neighbours because the so called care given is inadequate. Also I would like to add that a lot of the "Carers" are not properly trained and at one point sending in a young man who probably was not more that 17/18 years old.

I'm tottaly disappointed with MP's, they look at us disable people down their nose's and give us little time to spare, all they think about their wages that we could never see in our benefit's..even for our care in homes.

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