Ending 15-minute care – we're nearly there...

6 June 2014

by Guy Parckar

Today the government published lots and lots of proposals about how the Care Act, the new laws about social care, will work.

There are some important details about the care and support system, about who can get care and what information should be available to everyone.

And crucially, tucked away in more than 800 pages of ‘guidance’ and ‘regulations’, there is a short section about 15-minute care visits.

The fantastic news is that this says that, apart from in some specific circumstances, ‘flying’ 15-minute care visits are simply not acceptable.

This is an incredible success for all the Leonard Cheshire Disability campaigners who have raised this issue over the past year. Thank you to everyone who has backed the campaign!

But we’ve still got a bit further to go...

This is only a proposal and the government is asking for your views.

We still think it could be made even clearer and more definite. At the moment the guidance talks about ‘routinely’ using 15-minute care visits not being appropriate, and while this is a big step forward, it still risks leaving the door open for some people to get inappropriate care.

And they could still decide to take the reference to 15-minute visits out of the final version.

So we’ve made some amazing progress. We’ve seen 15-minute care visits become major headline news. We’ve seen some councils change how they work and some stop these visits completely. And now we’ve seen the government actually propose guidance for councils that would really help to limit how these visits are used.

If we can make sure that government knows that we need these ‘flying’ visits stopped, we can make sure that this guidance stays in place, and is made even clearer.

With your help, we can tell the government to end inappropriate 15-minute care visits once and for all.

Guy Parckar is the head of policy and campaigns at Leonard Cheshire Disability. He tweets at @GuyParckar.


I have emailed into the Government with the following, I hope this helps the campaign:

15 minute care calls are inadequate for providing appropriate care with dignity. They do not help promote independence as the carer on a tight schedule and will do all tasks for the customer rather than assisting and promoting the customer to carry out safe tasks for themselves. 15 minute calls do not enable the carer to build trust and relationships with whom they are visiting meaning that calls are impersonal. 15 minute care calls often mean that choices have to be made in what can be effectively carried out, often essential care needs are neglected. Councils and Social Care assessors are more frequently creating long lists of care tasks to be carried out within the 15 minutes that are impossible to achieve, leaving the care staff frustrated and demoralised having to leave the customer without appropriate care.

That's great, Paula! Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed message to the government.

I tryed to click on the campain but says it is closed? If so whats the progress? I beleave the 15 minute calls do rejuce quality of care! As a carer you are trying to ensure you have done as the care an states with dignaty and politeness as well recording in detail and fretting to be at the next call on time as most 15 min visits go over! Personal care calls are not long enough to perform all of what is required. 3 of my 4, 15 min calls go over every night. Causing me to be late by 20 mins to my last call and i dont get payed for it :(

Hi Charlotte. Thanks for your comment! That particular campaign was to send a response to the Department of Health's consultation, which has now closed. But we're still keen to keep up the pressure on the government to end 15-minute care visits.

You obviously feel strongly about the issue. We'd like to hear more about your story, so please get in touch at campaigning@leonardcheshire.org.

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