Emelda's story

7 November 2017

Emelda is 13-years-old and lives near Kisumu in Kenya.

Emelda playing with her friend Vivian

Earlier this year, she became blind as a result of an operation, which meant she had to stop going to school.

‘Leonard Cheshire came to my village and brought me back to school. It is good now.

‘I am now learning braille, and I can walk independently because of the cane so I can continue with my education, which feels good. I can have my future.’ — Emelda

Emelda typing on a braille machine​We supported Emelda by building ramps in her school and providing her with teaching equipment such as a braille machine, which meant she was able to return to the classroom.

We also provided training for her teachers on inclusive practices.

‘Since Emelda came back to school she is very positive and had accepted her condition very fast.’— James Gundo, Emelda's teacher

Emelda in her classroom

A gift in your will can secure children like Emelda's future. We support disabled children to get the education they deserve.

Let your legacy be their future.

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