Education project for disabled girls in Kenya selected for UK government funding

1 May 2014

Two Kenyan school girls communicating using sign languageWe are delighted that our project, ‘Pioneering inclusive education strategies for disabled girls in Kenya’, has been selected as one of 19 Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC) ‘Innovation’ projects. Almost £30 million of UK government funding has been allocated to these projects in 12 countries to support marginalised girls to succeed in their education. This will be matched by a further £6 million (cash and in-kind) identified by the organisations themselves.

Although overall enrollment in primary education is increasing in Kenya, the number of disabled girls accessing primary education remains low, and the rate of these girls dropping out of education is increasing. Our project will address physical and social barriers to education to reverse this trend, and ensure that 2,050 disabled girls in 50 primary schools in the Lake Region receive a full, quality and inclusive primary education.

The GEC will help up to a million of the world’s poorest girls improve their lives through education. The initiative calls on non-governmental organisations, charities and the private sector to find better ways of getting girls in school and ensuring they receive a quality of education to transform their future.

These projects present significant innovation, including technological innovations, developing new partnerships, adapting proven solutions for new geographies, communities or age groups, and engaging females in decision-making processes.

Find out more about the project.

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