Discounted will writing service launched in the UK

9 November 2015

Will you? logoWe're excited to announce our new discounted will writing service!

We've partnered with three carefully chosen will writing organisations. Read about the three deals on our discounted will writing service page.

You can get the offer at your convenience by phone, online or in branch.

Think you don’t need a will? Perhaps these facts and figures will change your mind:

  • 52% of UK adults don't have a will to provide security for their loved ones
  • almost 70% of co-habiting couples don't have a will, meaning that their partner would have no automatic right to inherit
  • 13% of people incorrectly think they don't need a will because their loved ones will automatically inherit
  • 79% of parents with dependent children have not named guardians for them. This means the law decides who would look after their children
  • Will you? infographicif you have a dependent with a disability they could lose the right to means tested benefits
  • in order for a will to be legally valid it has to meet certain requirements. If it doesn't it will be completely disreguarded. The Citizen's Advice Bureau advise you to seek legal advice to make sure your will has the effect you want
  • if you leave 10% of your estate to charity then you save 4% on inheritence tax (if your estate is over the tax threshold)
  • after you have provided for your loved ones, you could leave a gift to our charity to help support disabled people
  • a will can cost up to £500. Through our service it costs as low as £50+VAT

It doesn’t cost Leonard Cheshire Disability anything to run this service for you and you're under no obligation to leave a gift to us in your will. The discounts are all kindly given by the organisations.

Make sure you don't miss this fantastic offer!

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