Disabled and older people in Wandsworth achieve life goals and increase confidence

20 May 2015

Two people walking arm in armStaff and volunteers from Randall Close activity and skills centre in Wandsworth are working with disabled and older people to achieve their life goals and increase confidence.

Don’t Write Me Off gives short-term support to people in their own homes to help them be as independent as possible.

We holding a free conference this Friday about the project. Anyone working in the health, social care, voluntary or housing sectors is welcome to attend. Please see below for details.

About the Don't Write Me Off project

We've been running the project together with Wandsworth Council as part of their KITE (Keep Independent Through Enablement) project.

The programme, which has been running since last year, has made it possible for a number of disabled people to take their first steps towards independence through specialist support and therapy.

Support provided ranges from learning a new skill to getting fit or cooking a healthy meal. We also got funding to buy walking frames and aids for participants — with life-changing results.

Walking again

Jeptha standing at a walking frameJeptha Mingo from Southfields in Wandsworth joined the project in February last year. He set himself the goal of walking again after spending many months in a wheelchair.

He started an intensive programme of training with the therapists and is now able to walk again and has greatly increased his independence.

‘I can now smile again.’ — Jeptha

Another person on the programme, who wishes to remain anonymous, said:

‘It is so wonderful to walk again as I never thought it would be possible and I am delighted to be independent again. I can enjoy being in control again. This project has changed my life and I can enjoy all the activities.’

Empowerment is crucial

William J Gallagher, service manager at Randall Close, has worked in the care sector for over 20 years. He launched the project as he wanted disabled and older people to achieve greater opportunities with the right support. Together with staff and volunteers, they have worked with 58 disabled and older people to achieve their life goals and increase confidence.

‘It is important we recognise that everyone has abilities and we should focus on what people can achieve and their talents and aspirations.

‘We are an aging population and 1 in 6 of us will be affected by disability at some point in our lives.

‘It is crucial that we empower vulnerable people to take control of their own lives and be more independent.’ — William J Gallagher

Open conference — 22 May 2015

The Don’t Write Me Off conference takes place at Randall Close on Friday 22 May.

There are morning and afternoon places available and anyone who works in the health, social care, voluntary or housing sectors is invited to attend.

Email william.gallagher@leonardcheshire.org or call 020 7223 0422 to reserve a free ticket.

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