Disability employment in prime minister's questions

6 July 2017

During today's Prime Minister's questions, we were glad to see MP Peter Bone highlight the disability employment gap.

‘[Leonard Cheshire] estimated the disability employment gap is 31.3%. What is the government doing to close that?’ — MP Peter Bone (Wellingborough, Conservative)

MP Guy Opperman,The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, responded by saying:

‘On the 7 September this year we will have the 100th anniversary of the birth of Leonard Cheshire, the VC winning founder of this great disability charity.

‘So I support this question and this great organisation.

‘The government remains strongly committed to help disabled people and healthcare conditions getting back into work.

‘Over the last three years 500,000 people have done so and there is a green paper setting out our full details on this matter.’ — MP Guy Opperman, parliamentary under-secretary of state for work and pensions (Hexham, Conservative)


Disability & Disabled People so have rights to a lot of better good choice of Pay Jobs and in Day Centre & Day Servicers in the community with a lot more hours for me and for Disability & Disabled People in Northamptonshire & The East Midlands in the UK & Other Town and we will like a lot more PA Staff & PA Worker back in the community for me and Disability & Disabled People in Northamptonshire & The East Midlands in the UK & Other Town for us today now.

I went to 6 back to work interviews where they were told how to change the work place so i could continur to work but they still retired me under ill health and now i forget dates and am uneble to evan do a cv. The computers have also changed again. Disable people still cant get into shops and this is the govement stipulation but nothing is upheld. We cant even see our own gps because there are too many people using out health service and we who have paid all our lives dont get supported.

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