Des's garden and the BWC

9 September 2016

We work in partnership with the Bank Workers Charity (BWC) to improve the lives of current and former bank workers by providing information and guidance — as well as helping them access financial support. 

The BWC funded service is tailored to your needs, and provides you with personalised information and advice or mentoring support.

We helped Des, a BWC client, with difficulties he had caring for his wife. She has a visual impairment and difficulty with her mobility. 

Des's garden and patio

‘Since we both turned 90 we were just about coping but it has been difficult to manage around the house.

‘Leonard Cheshire said that my wife may be eligible to claim a benefit called Attendance Allowance (AA). So we applied and thankfully the application was successful!

‘The extra income of £55.10 per week has helped us to pay for a gardener. Our garden is very important to us now we find it more difficult to get out.

‘The extra money also means we have some extra when unexpected costs crop up.’ — Des

Along with BWC we helped Des to improve his situation by getting the right benefits and making his home and garden more accessible.

‘Leonard Cheshire also contacted our local authority social services and we have been in regular contact with the visual impairment team and occupational therapy services to make our home more accessible.

‘They will be fitting a rail in the bathroom and organise an emergency care plan for us.

‘These things are so important for our peace of mind and we feel a lot more comfortable knowing that the local authority services can be called upon when needed.

‘For us, it is really important that we are able to stay as independent as possible and the advice from Leonard Cheshire helped us to achieve this goal.’

Changes like this can make a big difference to people like Des. If you work or have worked for a bank, find out how our partnership with BWC can help you or your family

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