Crossing campaign success

10 March 2014

Lora Tannerby Lora Tanner

How often do you cross the road outside your house? Every time you go to work? To do the food shopping? To pick up the kids from school?

I imagine it’s quite a lot.

Until this year, people living at Gloucestershire House in Cheltenham couldn’t cross the road outside their home at all.

Busy traffic and unsafe pavements meant that getting out and about was really difficult.

But thanks to five years of dedication and perseverance from the campaign group at Gloucestershire House, the stretch of road is now almost unrecognisable. Pavements have been widened, kerbs have been dropped, and the bus stop has been moved. The cherry on the cake is that there is now a brand new pedestrian crossing too.

Gloucester House residents on the zebra crossing

The campaigners successfully worked with everyone from the local highways agency to the police to improve safety on the busy road.

The changes have made a huge difference. Here’s what the campaigners said:

  • ‘Fantastic! It’s made such a difference!’
  • ‘It has slowed traffic down massively’
  • ‘You still get the odd car but 9/10 it is a lot better’
  • ‘I feel a lot safer crossing the road so use the bus stop a lot more’

There are also plans to introduce bigger signs to warn motorists about the crossing and to improve visibility at the junction by extending the zigzag lines. The campaigners are also discussing a ‘community speed campaign’ with the local highways agency to make drivers more aware. 

It just shows what can be done when you work together for a common goal and don’t give up!

If this has inspired you, you can find out how to get campaigning in your local area.

Lora Tanner is a local campaigns co-ordinator for Leonard Cheshire Disability.

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