'Crippled, Handicapped, Disabled: Living Beyond Labels' exhibition at Oxo Tower gallery

18 April 2016

An exhibition exploring the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People's history opens in London on Wednesday.

Crippled, Handicapped, Disabled: Living Beyond Labels is at the Oxo Tower in London from 20 to 24 April 2016. The exhibition uses the charity’s archives to explore attitudes towards disability over the past 80 years.

A selection of images from the exhibition are below. All images are copyright Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People.

Artist Alison Lapper, a former QEF resident who was born without arms, learning to drive an adapted vehicle
Alison Lapper, former QEF resident, learning to drive an adapted vehicle.

Young man welding with adapted prosthetic arms
Prosthetics with tools attached were made at the QEF college.

Trainee typing using her feet
Women were first allowed to enter the college in the 1950s. They initially could only choose from a small selection of courses such as dressmaking, typing and switchboard operating.

Diane and Duncan arm in arm. Duncan is a wheelchair user
Diane and Duncan met while both training at QEF's training college in 1981.

Resident at QEF's rehabilitation centre learning to cookResidents of QEF's rehabilitation centre learned to cook in adapted kitchens.

We're also exploring our own archives through the Rewind project, uncovering photos, videos and stories from the past seven decades.

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